New album out soon!

Cilla Jane is a Sydney singer songwriter, about to release her 5th studio album ‘Happy Hour’.

About Cilla

Previously based in Melbourne, Cilla toured extensively for many years, in which time her music evolved into her own unique blend of piano driven pop.

Her alluring sound is captivating, shrouded by her black hair, her vocals are warm and her songwriting has a resounding edge.


Cilla Jane is no stranger to the live music scene. She released an EP and two albums while based in Melbourne. During that time, she toured as a support artist with Kate Miller Heidke, The Audreys, Matt Corby and Tim Freedman as well as touring internationally.

Cilla Jane’s music echoes Tori Amos, Pj Harvey, Cat Power, Johnny Cash and Nick Cave.

Also a recipient of the John Butler Seed Grants program, Cilla Jane draws from the years of experience spent immersed in the murky depths of the music industry.

Listen now

You can buy Cilla Jane’s music from iTunes, on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Ice Age



‘Ice Age’ emerged during a period of loneliness and isolation where the artist delved deeper into the depths of songwriting to find both comfort and inspiration. On this journey she found her own blend of piano driven pop.

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